Yammer at Microsoft Ignite Interview with Pavan Tapadia

It’s been a big few days for Yammer at this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, and we’re excited to be spending the week sharing what’s new in Yammer with customers. Watch Pavan Tapadia, Head of Product at Yammer, tell you firsthand about all the great new features we’ve announced and how they help drive growth of your outer loop.

Pavan demonstrates the new native Yammer web part for SharePoint, enabling Yammer conversations to surface on the new communications site; great new community management tools like move post and group insights, allowing for much deeper understanding of how their groups are being used; and shares our plans to have your Yammer data store in one of the many Microsoft data centers located around the world.


For a deeper dive into Yammer’s future, be sure to check out the vision and roadmap session from earlier in the week.

Source : techcommunity.microsoft.com


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