How to Refund a Game on Steam –

Did you purchase a game on Steam that did not turn up as you expected? Steam has the policy to issue refunds; it’s a simple procedure which includes users sending requests for a refund by filling a form. In case your refund is accepted, you should receive your money back within a week. But sometimes refunds are declined due to some reason. To ensure it does not happen, ensure you ask a return timely with a genuine reason to return a game.

How to Refund a Game on Steam

Process -1 Request your refund

  1. Visit Stream Help – Sign into the Steam account. Press on the “Steam Help” option beside the upper segment.
  2. Choose you want assistance with a purchase – Once you press on “Steam help”, a number of options will appear. You will find the option “A Purchase.” Tap on it.
  3. Choose the game you wish to refund – Now in the given list, choose the game you want to refund.
  4. Describe the problem – You have to describe the problem you have encountered while purchasing. Choose the reason you’re refunding the game.
  5. Ask for your refund – Choose the option “ I’d like the request a refund.”

For instance in the notes segment, key in something like, “I meant to buy the updated version of this game, and it wasn’t explicitly mentioned on the website.”

Process -2 Receive a Response

  1. Keep checking your email for confirmation – You should receive an email verification shortly after requesting your refund. In case you don’t get one within an hour or two, you need to call Steam’s helpline number to ensure that your refund request was received.
  2. Wait for a week regarding your refund – you have to be patient while waiting for your refund. In some cases, refunds are processed quickly or can take a week to clear your refund process.
  3. Keep an eye on the bank account to check if you received your refunded money – If you receive confirmation that your refund approval was accepted, check your bank account.

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