Create Printing Documents with MS Word 2016

Microsoft Word Once you’ve made your record, you might need to print it to view and offer your work disconnected. It’s anything but difficult to review and print a report in Word utilizing the Print sheet.

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To get to the Print sheet:

  1. Select the File tab. Backstage view will show up.
  2. Select Print. The Print sheet will show up.

Tap the catches in the intelligent underneath to take in more about utilizing the Print sheet.


Here, you can see a see of how your record will look when printed.

You can likewise get to the Print sheet by squeezing Ctrl+P on your console.

  • Explore to the Print sheet, at that point select the coveted printer.
  • Enter the quantity of duplicates you need to print.
  • Select any extra settings if necessary.
  • Snap Print.

Custom printing

Some of the time you may think that its pointless to print your whole report, in which case custom printing might be more suited for your necessities. Regardless of whether you’re printing a few individual pages or a scope of pages, Word enables you to indicate precisely which pages you’d get a kick out of the chance to print.

To custom print a record:

In the event that you’d get a kick out of the chance to print singular pages or page ranges, you’ll have to isolate every section with a comma (1, 3, 5-7, or 10-14 for instance).

  1. Explore to the Print sheet.
  2. In the Pages: field, enter the pages you need to print.

On the off chance that your report isn’t printing the way you need, you may need to alter a portion of the page format settings. To take in more, look at our Page Layout lesson.

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