Guide to Fix Error Code 0x80240031 on Windows 10?

While updating older windows with the latest updates, many users are experiencing the system error code 0x80240031. Therefore, this error code commonly occurs with the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 updates, but some Windows 10 users are also reporting the same error code. This error code 0x80240031 appears with the error code which says; “Problems were installing some updates, but we’ll try again later.”

However, this error code 0x80240031 might be irritating and frustrating for many users as anyone doesn’t know the authentic cause of this error. Some users who don’t have any technical knowledge might jam in the never finishing error messages. To keep it our mind we will decide to provide you with an effective solution which will help you in troubleshooting the error code 0x80240031 easily. The steps are discussed below.

Steps to Fix Error Code 0x80240031 on Windows 10

Generally, the Windows 10 error code 0x80240031 is associated with the glitches such as corrupted Windows update files, damage file registry or at times issues with the system files. It simply indicates that anywhere besides with the update installation process, the software has been damaged or corrupted and because of this it cannot be installed properly on your system. Moreover, to easily fix this issue using these given steps in proper series to evade damages and also removes all unwanted errors from your system. Here how to easily fix it:

Fix-1: Restart Windows Computer

Probably, it might be a reason that any tricky system files or programs are snooping with the Windows updates.  For shutting down these programs, users will have to reboot the Windows in the Clean Boot mode only to troubleshoot the error message. Here how to do it:

  1. click on the ‘Start’ icon to open the start menu.
  2. Under the ‘Start’ search box, type the ‘msconfig’ option.
  3. Now, inside the search options page, choose and click on the ‘System Configuration’ option.
  4. After that, a ‘System Configuration’ dialogue box will appear on your screen, under it, progress to the ‘Services’ button.
  5. Then, choose ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ option.
  6. Next, press the ‘Disable all’ option to disable all the services you want to disable it.
  7. Again, under the ‘System Configuration’ page, move to the ‘Startup’ button and hit the ‘Open Task Manager’ tab.
  8. Now, you have to turn off all startup items available in the list of the ‘Task Manager.’
  9. Close and exit the Task Manager page and press the OK tab to complete the process successfully.
  10. Lastly, reboot your computer system to save all the changes.

Fix-2: Turn Off Windows Update

  1. Hit the keys Windows+ R simultaneously on the keyboard to launch the ‘Run’ search box.
  2. Inside the ‘Run’ search box, copy and paste the following ‘services.msc’.
  3. Hit the Enter key to go to the next step.
  4. Now, look for the ‘Windows Update’ option and double-click on the Windows Update option to open it.
  5. After that, a drop-down menu list will appear on the screen, select ‘Disabled’ option.
  6. Then, restart your system to save the changes.
  7. Again, click on the Windows+ X keys together at the same time.
  8. Then, select the ‘File Explorer’ option.
  9. Enter the following commands in the search address bar:
  10. C:\\Windows\\SoftwareDistribution
  11. Now, click the Ctrl + A altogether on the keyboard.
  12. Press the right side cursor of your mouse on the selected files and choose the ‘Delete’ tab.
  13. Here you have to repeat step 1 and Step 2 to continue the process.
  14. Once the drop-down menu appears on your screen, choose ‘Manual’ option.
  15. Lastly, hit the ‘Start’ tab followed by ‘OK’ tab to complete the process.

Finally, restart your computer system to save all the changes.

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Office Setup – Restoring Removed Messages in Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook if you forgot that you have deleted an email and want to restore it, then the deleted mail will not get removed from the history and you can restore it.

The emails do not entirely get removed when you click on the delete option; they only get hidden so that you can recover them when you again need it. When you hide your mails this will be an easy way instead of writing it again, but it only stores your emails for a limited time.

Where Can You Find Your Removed Mails in Outlook?

When you remove any messages from your inbox of Outlook, it goes to the trash folder, and it means it doesn’t get deleted permanently.

You will get the removed mails in these areas:

  • Find this in the Removed Mail folder; it is situated in the Outlook folder.
  • From IMAP email ID you will get the hidden messages in the folder which is same as above.
  • You will find this on the Restorable Mails option.
  • When you start your system, you will get this in the backup area folder.

How to Restore Mail You Had Removed in Outlook?

When you remove that mail by mistake, that should not be deleted, and then you have the option of restoring it from the deleted items folder.

To restore the removed mail, you have to check the trash folder in Outlook for Windows users. Here’s how:

•    Click Ctrl and Z Key.

  • Check whether you don’t click on any other option like move or removed other messages while clicking Ctrl and Z key, this will go to the folder you had last done that activity.
  • This process will do time after time. You can undo your activity done before you move to the last stage which is of removing the mail and recovering it again. When you want to recover only one email, this will be a good option to change to Deleted Items file.

Steps for Mac users:

•    Tap Ctrl+Shift+Z

  • By clicking on this keyword it shows the previous activitities. In case that action is of removing one message, then clicking on the CTRL+Shift+Z keyword and it will recover that mail.

How to Restore a Message from Outlook “Deleted Items” File

The folder on that removed emails will move is on the Deleted items file. You will find all the emails in this folder when you delete a message then it automatically moves to the Trash folder.

Recovering an email which is in your removed mails file in Outlook for the Windows users are:

•    Go to the Deleted Items File.

  • On the official website of Outlook for mailing and exchanging, this file will be named as Deleted Items.
  • All those who are having IMAP ID then they should use a file which is for deleted emails, the data is designated with different names, you can find that file in the “Trash” folder, and for Gmail users the deleted emails are in the folder of Gmail Trash folder.

•    Bookmark That Email You Want to Restore.

  • There are limitations of bookmarking the message.
  • Press Find Removed Mails option so that you can find that file where the deleted emails are in.

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How to share Office Setup Document using Windows OS ?

Microsoft 0ffice setup versions come with enhanced productivity features that perk up presentation manner. From a pile of smart attributes, sharing files and folders is one supreme feature. However, not every user is aware about how to share Office documents using the desktop version.

Regardless of your mode of access, online or desktop version, it is mandatory to have an active account on Office com setup. You will need to access your Office setup account while you share the file or any document.

Please note that the steps below are applicable on the desktop version of Office setup running on Windows-based operating system. The instructions below may not work for other operating systems.

How to share Microsoft Office Document

Steps to share Microsoft Office Word document on Windows computer:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in/ Sign up
  • Enter you 25-digit activation code if asked
  1. Open the Office setup file/ Word document you want to share
  2. Click Share button available in the top right corner of above the ribbon
  3. Save all the changes of the document in One Drive
  4. Allow permission options for the contacts you want to share with
  5. Add the email address if the person is not already added, or just type names of the people
  6. From One Drive, attach the document with
  7. Click Send

This is all you need to do to share any MS Office setup file. You may fail to complete the process if you do not have licensed account on In order to get a license, select and buy an Office setup plan. Keep the 25-digits Office setup product key and locate it at After you complete the activation, you will have the access to share or receive Microsoft documents.

While only using the desktop version, you can share the file with anyone you wish. Moreover, online Office setup users also have the benefit to collaborate in real-time.

How to Optimize and Defrag Windows 10 Drives? – Office Setup

For proper functioning of the computer system, it is necessary to improve the performance of your computer and to help with this Windows 10 performs disk defragmentation once a week for hard drives. But now, by the default settings, the disk fragmentation automatically runs on a weekly schedule at a specific time which is already set in the automatic maintenance of your computer system. Also, you can manually optimize or defragmentation of your drives on your computer system.

However, disk defragmentation now re-arranges all the pieces of data which spread across your hard drive and stored them again. Whenever the files are written to disk, it is broken into many pieces as there is not sufficient adjacent space to easily store the comprehensive file on time, thus file become fragmented.

Generally, defragmentation decreases the file fragmentation thus improving the speed by which the data is written and read to disk which ultimately increases the performance of your computer system. While the disk fragmentation also helps in cleaning the disk, therefore, increasing the overall storage capacity.

Here we will discuss the complete steps of how to optimize and defrag Windows 10 drives.

Steps to Optimize and Defrag Windows 10 Drive

Before continuing the process, we suggest you create a restore point on your system it will protect your data if something goes wrong. And follow the steps in a given sequence to make steps easier. Here how to do it:

  1. Click the Windows + E keys together to open File Explorer.
  2. Then, double-click on the ThisPC option.
  3. Right-click on any hard drive partition that you want to run defragmentation for.
  4. After that, choose Properties option.
  5. Change it to Tool tab and then click on the “Optimize” in the Optimize and defragment the drive.
  6. Choose the drive for which you want to run defragmentation for.
  7. Next, click on the Analyze button and check it needs to be optimized.

Note: check if your drive is fragmented more than 10%, then it should be optimized.

  1. To optimize the drive, click on the Optimize button.
  2. Wait for a few minutes; the defragmentation process will take some time which depends upon the size of your disk.
  3. Close all the tabs.
  4. And finally, restart your system.

Emma Justine is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Emma has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

How to Troubleshoot Common SSL Connection Errors? – Office Setup

In the event that you are getting a SSL association mistake in your program whether it’s Chrome, Firefox or Edge, pursue these answers for fix this most normal blunder. The greater part of the occasions this mistake is corrected by the site, yet in a portion of the cases, the blunder could happen because of some misconfiguration on your Windows gadget.


An element joins the programs that are intended to check SSL mistakes by parsing the testaments, which is likely the principle purpose for getting these blunders. In this article, we will demonstrate to you the best answers for determination these regular SSL Connection mistakes in your program.


Before you proceed, we think about that one must be fit for perceiving these regular SSL Connection blunders in their programs. In this way, we present you a rundown of regular SSL Connection mistakes that will enable you to distinguish the issue happened on your gadget.


Two of the Most Common SSL Connection Errors


TERR_SSL_WEAK_EPHEMERAL_DH_KEY or The server has a frail fleeting Diffie-Hellman open key.

ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS or This website page has a divert circle.

Ventures to Fix Common SSL Connection blunders

ERR_SSL_WEAK_EPHEMERAL_DH_KEY or The server has a feeble vaporous Diffie-Hellman open key


This blunder is a server-based issue, which should be settled by the main site proprietor. ERR_SSL_WEAK_EPHEMERAL_DH_KEY shows the server that is endeavoring to set up a safe association in any case, in view of unfortunate misconfiguration, the connections would not have possessed the capacity to be anchored by any stretch of the imagination.

In simple words, the site is utilizing a terminated and obsolete SSL security code. To investigate this blunder, pursue the straightforward strides as referenced underneath:


As a matter of first importance, you have to refresh your server to help ECDHE (Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman).

From that point forward, you need to kill DHE (Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman).

Note: on the off chance that the ECDHE isn’t accessible, take a stab at turning all DHE figure suites and use RSA off.

ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS or This site page has a divert circle

The purpose for accepting this mistake the site is endeavoring to divert you to the correct page, however the site stalls out in a ceaseless redirection circle. At the point when your program is neglected to get anything from the server widely, it begins showing up this divert blunder. Be that as it may, there are two sections of the reason you get this blunder:

First is on your PC’s side.

What’s more, second is on the server’s side.

On the off chance that you are there as a customer, the main alternative you have is to clear treats of your program.

As opposed to clearing the majority of the treats, you can erase treats of a specific site for which you get this blunder.

In the event that you are a site proprietor and claim a site where this mistake has happened, you should then clear the reserve/outsider store administrations of your WordPress site.

At that point on the server, you should reset any outsider intermediary benefits, etc. Here your chairman will be ready to help you with it.

Likewise, you have to check with the HTTPS divert runs on your server so as to discover any misconfiguration.

That is it! Effectively rehearsing all the procedure as referenced above should settle these issues.

Much obliged to you for perusing this article. I trust the data you arrived will be useful to you.

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How to Download and Install Office Setup 2019?

Install MS Office 2019 – Microsoft office is the most beneficial software which has a lot of tools. In addition, after you install MS Office 2019, tools help users in different ways. Microsoft office is in the need of the users from school level to the business level. The tools fulfill the different requirement of different people. The office 2019 comes with numerous latest features. Additionally, it is providing an end-to-end solution for various purpose. It is an industry standard software. Enhancements and advancement are maintained.


Install MS Office 2019


  • Finest updates
  • New learning tools
  • Speech feature
  • Flawless theme
  • Advancement


  • Firstly, sign in to Microsoft office.
  • Secondly, from the office page, click on install office.
  • 64-bit version will install by default
  • Therefore, depending on the browser, run, setup, or save the file.
  • Hence, to begin the installation, the message will pop out. Particularly, saying are you will make changes?
  • Click on the option says Yes.
  • Now, the installation will begin.


  • Begin using the application right there by opening the tool which you want to operate.
  • However, in some cases, the Office is activated once you start the application.
  • Later, you click on accept to the terms and conditions.
  • Still facing an issue? Get in touch with the expert at


  • Advanced presentation feature is the popular one.
  • More latest features jumped in the way.
  • In addition, data analyzing is now more powerful.
  • New charts, formulas, 2D maps, and many more offers are there.
  • Furthermore, Inking feature comes with the improvement.
  • Particularly, more roaming the pencil case.
  • Also, Email management takes place.
  • Focused inbox, grouped travel package card.
  • Gear up with the Office 2019.


One-time purchase becomes the major difference when you install MS Office 2019. Comparatively, You will not receive any future updates. Obviously, you will set the security standard and updates. However, a manageable and approachable is applicable. On the other hand, various changes initiated. Nothing is more prominent than the lavish feature and comfort.


  1. Initially, An improved version of Google Docs.
  2. Most importantly, increased employee productivity.
  3. Cloud becomes the part of the Microsoft.
  4. Also, better features with better productive level.
  5. Easy and comfortable to use.
  6. Secure and safe data.
  7. However, online sharing and working while collaborating with others.
  8. Cost-effective solution.



You are free to work and present your ideas in an explained manner. Moreover, working with enhanced features brings more productivity. You will be amazed by the improved version and better version.


The presentation is an essential part of businesses as well as schools and universities. Become the professional with latest features. Enhanced charts, pie charts, 2D maps, and much more.


New charts, formulas, and more features attract. You can fill detailed information and sheet work. Give it a try and become the leaders.


Microsoft Office 2019 arrives with finest features. However, fewer efforts are required. Aspects such as updated contact, mentions, focused inbox delivery are instant. Travel package card is one of the finest things. For further details, connect at


  • How to download Ms office 2019 download?
  • What is the Ms office 2019 release date?
  • Explain Office 2019 features?
  • Importance for Microsoft office 2019 download?
  • The major difference of Office 2019 vs 2016?
  • Procedure to install Office 2019 mac?
  • Show me the Office 2019 review?
  • Can I make Microsoft office 2019 free download?

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How Can Use Mozilla Firefox in Safe Mode? – Office setup

The Program menu of our PC records two alternate ways for Mozilla Firefox. The first is obviously the one which begins our Firefox program. Unusually, we couldn’t think less about the second one.

What is Mozilla Firefox protected mode? Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode) turns into the following retreat when the standard program comes slamming down. Firefox is the most discussed program and has a fan base that would put The Beatles to shame”¦ But hello, it’s solitary a cluster of code so program mistakes do raise their heads.

Here are 5 reasons why the Firefox Safe Mode is certifiably not a terrible thought by any means –

  • It’s a demonstrative device to investigate issues with additional items, topics or toolbars particularly after redesigns.
  • It tends to be utilized to contrast the augmentation stacked Firefox and the default fresh start variant of the program.
  • It very well may be utilized to look at velocities if there’s a stress over execution.
  • It very well may be utilized to bind clashing issues in the client settings (about:config tweakings) after a redesign.
  • It very well may be utilized to return to the default introduced state.

Mozilla Firefox Safe Mode gives us a window to begin once again (incidentally) by incapacitating additional items and resetting (for all time) different settings to defaults. By looking at the execution, we can limit and fix the reason for any issue.

There are two different ways we can begin Firefox in Safe Mode (Windows) “”

From Start – All (Programs in Vista) – Mozilla Firefox – Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode).

From Start – Run – Type firefox.exe – protected mode. Hit OK. (or on the other hand “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” – protected mode)

For other working frameworks, the ways are:

Linux – utilize Terminal and type in/way/to/firefox/firefox – protected mode

Macintosh OS X – open Terminal and type in/Applications/ – protected mode

The Safe Mode exchange take care of pops.

We can exit or go for the other two alternatives – Continue In Safe Mode or Make Changes and Restart.

Proceed in Safe Mode

The program begins in Safe Mode with all customizations debilitated. Protected Mode does not stack any augmentations, topics and outsider toolbars. Experimental Mode utilizes the default topic. This is particularly valuable to check whether the issue is related with these components or some other shrouded issues. When we leave the Safe Mode, the program returns to the Normal Mode with all the customizations flawless.

Make Changes and Restart

This alternative gets initiated in the event that we put a checkmark against any of the five choices given in the exchange.

Incapacitate all additional items will begin Firefox in the Normal Mode with the augmentations, topics, and modules crippled. Note that they are not uninstalled, just impaired. Peruse the web with the additional items impaired or specifically empowered one by one. This trims down to the dangerous extra. After the fix, keep in mind to empower the rest of the additional items.

  • Reset toolbars and controls returns the program to Normal Mode however with no toolbar customizations.
  • Reset bookmarks to Firefox defaults will begin the program in Normal Mode however our bookmarks will lost, supplanted by Firefox’s default set.
  • Reset all client inclinations to Firefox defaults will fix any progressions we made to Firefox inclinations and choices or any through about:config.
  • Reestablish default web search tools will return to the default web indexes of Firefox.

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Why you ought to abstain from Downloading DLL Files on the web – Office setup

Are you looking for means to solve your “DLL not found” error? Well, you may consider your first resolve by downloading DLL files from the internet and it may resolve your error code. But let me give you a clear disclaimer that doing so may harm your system even more than the current state.

DLL Files are designed and assigned by software developing institutions. Microsoft is one such institution which programs DLL files for their software packages. Such renowned brands prove to be a secure platform to access DLL files for your computer.  But many of the online websites and portals providing free DLL files download can be insecure and may interfere with your computer privacy and securities.

A safe, private and updated DDL file can only be availed by the established software programming companies. These provide a sense of assurance that the product you are looking for is compatible and secure to use and will not cause any malware dysfunctional or inject a virus into your PC.

If you receive an error stating DLL not found or DLL is missing, you may look forward to reinstalling the required DLL file. But often it is observed that although it asks you to download a single file when you have finished downloading it, the error still exist. It is essential to understand that maybe you are facing some other problem and by downloading additional DLL file is not the solution.

In situations like this, you should try to reinstall the complete software from which the DLL file error originated. To save your time and effort, you should install the targeted software again in order to get rid of the problem entirely and to stop receiving similar errors even after downloading the files.

Sometimes the DLL files downloaded from the internet is not the updated files that you are looking for. The website providing DLL files online is solely dedicated to click bait profit orientation.

They only want you to accidentally click on an advertisement to earn money and have very less interest in resolving your DLL files issue, which gives them no reason to update the files on their sites.  If you download files from such sites, there is a much more possibility of getting a virus or malware dysfunction instead of DLL file fix.

One of the easiest ways of infecting your computer is through downloading any file or software from the internet. And similar case lies with DLL files as it is very easy for the virus to infect your system file while you install the downloaded DLL files without even your knowledge.

What you should do is opt for verified software programming institute to avail DLL files for your system program. Although such verified companies do not provide a single DLL file or any particular missing DLL file. So the real solution to this error is identifying the root cause of this problem and solving that issue rather than downloading single DLL file.

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How to See and Delete Alexa’s Recordings? –

Monitoring how to get out your Alexa history turned out to be recently pertinent because of a case in Arkansas, where police need Amazon to turn over data transmitted to its servers by an Echo having a place with the respondent in a homicide preliminary.

As revealed by The Information, James Andrew Bates has argue not blameworthy in the wake of being accused of the homicide of a man discovered dead in his Bentonville, Ark., hot tub a year ago.

It’s indistinct what data could have been transmitted from the Echo speaker. Its seven amplifiers are dependably on and tuning in, yet are just expected to record after those mics get a Wake word, for example, “Alexa” or “Amazon.” However, The Information takes note of that the Echo’s receivers “can regularly be activated incidentally.”

Amazon has twice declined to divert over chronicles sent from the Echo, as indicated by court records. The organization has, in any case, gave duplicates of Bates’ record data and buy history. Police say they’ve additionally removed a few information off the Echo.

Clearing Your Alexa History

In case you’re awkward with leaving around old voice accounts, there’s an approach to clear the information on your Alexa gadgets in case you’re so disposed. Before you begin erasing, however, recollect that you’re basically wiping the AI’s particular memory, as it’s holding this data to all the more likely serve you.

In any case, here’s the means by which to clear your Alexa history and erase accounts.

1. Open the Alexa application on your cell phone and tap the menu catch to open the sidebar. Select Settings.

2. Select Alexa Account.

3. Select History. Here you can see sound chronicles held by your gadget.

4. Select an account.

5. Select Delete voice accounts. On the off chance that you need to scour Alexa clean all things considered, you have a great deal of tapping in front of you.

Or on the other hand you could visit Amazon’s Content and Devices page to eradicate the majority of your chronicles without a moment’s delay. From that point, select Your Devices, tap on the Alexa gadget you need to tidy up and select Manage Voice Recordings. Select the alternative that enables you to erase everything.

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Microsoft introduces two new Office 365 securities to its line-up !

Microsoft, in its recent post, shares about its new introduction of security and compliance services. The American multinational technology company developed Microsoft 365 together with Office 365 Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). The aim was to render great experience to business customers to employee creativity and teamwork along with providing a secured platform for a modern workplace.

The organization is now planning to make another move to start this year by adding two new Microsoft 365 securities, compliance bundles to its line-up. The initiative of Microsoft 365 security and compliance offerings is to give sophisticated cyber security measures against threats and other risks.

The purchase of Microsoft Office 365 security package will begin from February 1, 2019. These packages are aim at business customers who need the highest-end security by Microsoft 365 E5 bundle.

Microsoft 365 Identity & Threat Protection package

This package will be a combination of Microsoft Threat Protection (Azure ATP, Windows Defender ATP and Office 365 ATP), Microsoft Cloud App Security and Azure Active Directory. This collection will cost $12 a user a month.

Information Protection & Compliance

The Microsoft 365 Information Protection & Compliance package comes together with Office 365 Advanced Compliance and Azure Information Protection services. It is develop to help with prime compliance officers performing enduring risk assessments with a compliance score across Microsoft Cloud services. This package will cost $10 per user/ month.

Besides offering 365 bundles, Microsoft is also making it My Analytics services open to any MS Office setup 365 packages and Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise and business users without any added charges. However, My Analytics is on hand at Office 365 and Microsoft 365 E5 (or as an add-on to E1 or E3) exclusively.

All the Office setup 365 subscription ranges will now also incorporate My Analytics, which was just another service previously available only with more expensive bundles. It equips workers with comprehensive data on how much time they spend on various tasks, such as meetings. This information is mean to help teams find ways to enhance productivity and reduce after-hours work.

John Adward is a creative person and social media manager living in New York. who has been writing blogs and articles about latest technology Microsoft Office, web development and also a tech savvy. he also interested in education and innovation to improve the work experience of users.